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We start marketing in the best way possible, with a discount of ? 30,000 for the first 3 reservations! (The final price is already applied to the price in this announcement).

From the first call we received to talk about this unique project, we knew it would be a success. Here several factors come together that will make the new owners fall in love: location and architecture. Several new construction projects are being carried out in Llavaneres, all of them within large housing areas with a large number of neighbours.

We decided to opt for the opposite: homes with lesser neighbours, but with higher quality. A project designed for people fleeing large neighbourhood communities and looking for a quiet environment. This is the house you’ve been dreaming about for a long time! Any person that acquires one of these homes is bound to fall in love with it. The architecture, the environment and the views provide a feeling of being in one of the best houses around.

We’re not shy in affirming that this is the most exclusive new housing project in Llavaneres. And not only for the prices, which are lower (?/m2) than the rest, but for these factors:

– This is the only multi-family building in the entire housing development in which it is located. A tranquil environment with unparalleled panoramic views.
– Small community, 4 unique homes in each of the buildings.
– No shared common areas: Each home has its own private terrace or garden, with the option of swimming pools.
– Closed “box” type Garage with space for 2 vehicles.
– Panoramic views over the housing area with the sea as the backdrop.
– Homes facing towards the sea, with an abundance of natural light.
– Functional architecture in which efficiency and practicality are at the forefront. The architect in charge of the project has designed these homes with a very specific type of client in mind: Families in search of a designer home within the town itself with amenities closeby, in search of a rational, functional, efficient and low maintenance home.
This project is composed of 2 unique types of housing: Ground floor style with a garden and an attic with a terrace. Every house is unique, which guarantees the exclusivity of each of the 4 homes that make up each building, all being located close to the sea. Its dining room with double height ceilings, accompanied by its large window, open up light across the whole room. The terraces at the foot of the room give the feeling of even more room. In its obsession to create “liveable” homes, the team of architects has opted for a functional design of straight lines and large spaces in which the day-time zone on the ground floor and the night-time area on the top floor are completely distinguished. This is a tried and tested design which works. The spaciousness allows you to adapt every part 100% to your needs.

Let’s have a look at a ground floor house: Its 151m2 + 83m2 garage are divided into 2 floors, both facing the sea with large windows. The great advantage of the ground floor is its private garden. Don’t think that because it’s the ground floor it has no views; The dominant position of the land over the rest of the houses in the area, provides panoramic views in each one of its rooms. What first attracts attention is its “box” type parking space with a private door, space for 2 cars, motorcycles, bicycles or whatever is required. From the parking area we can access the main floor of the house and here we find a living room of 34m2 with access to the garden, kitchenette and a 20m2 suite. The really impressive part is the living room with double height ceilings that’s the same level as the garden, a large window on the ceiling and an open studio above. The double bedroom could be knocked through to extend the living room.
On the upper floor we find the night-time area, consisting of 1 double suite of 20m2 and 2 bedrooms (10m2, 13m2) and 2 bathrooms (one of them ensuite), all with spectacular views and an abundance of light reaching all 4 sides. In addition, it offers a 10m2 studio which gives access to the living room.

This house feels like a real home, cosy and comfortable, with spectacular natural light and a fantastic garden at the same level as the living room.

Detalles adicionales

  • Cocina
  • Comedor
  • Balcón
  • Terraza
  • Jardín
  • Piscina
  • Garaje
  • Trastero
  • Ascensor
  • Armarios
  • Calefacción
  • Muebles
  • Puerta Blindada
  • Portero Automático
  • Gastos Comunidad
  • Agua
  • Luz
  • Gas

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