Seventeenth century Catalan farmhouse



Seventeenth century Catalan farmhouse overlooking the sea.
This type of property, well known within areas of Catalonia, is the dream of many people who want to undertake projects such as: rural houses, sporting activities or cultural or leisure activities. But they are even more so for people looking for a large farm area for animals to roam, while allowing complete relaxation and a place to create their second residence (or even their first one). Problems around here are always the same and they are always related to access, often due to kilometres and kilometres of poorly conditioned sand roads. The main advantage of this property is precisely access; it’s a little more than 400 metres from one of the paved streets of the well-known neighbourhood Can Bruguera, a few metres from the Laru sports club and other valued developments such as Vallveric and Can Bruguera.
Another of the main advantages, and a key factor in the decision of the future buyer of this farm, is the environment. It touches a solid and secure neighbourhood just 4 minutes by car from motorway access (Mataró Nord) and with spectacular sea views.
The land has a total of about 30 hectares, and its main building is a catalogued Catalan farmhouse of about 700m2. It is distributed over 2 floors and has been partially renovated. A restaurant project, which in the end was not completed, prompted the beginning of the repairs of some of its rooms, as well as parts of the roof and interior structure.
It has been talked about that, if necessary, a maximum of 2 households can be created in the existing building.
It is currently not furnished but has had electricity installed, as well as a telephone connection and other necessities for the needs of a restaurant. Regarding the water supply: there is a well on the farm and also a branch of a water mine that runs close by (but the status of this should be checked).
A large Catalan farmhouse that plays a big part in the history of the municipality, a spectacular setting with direct views of the sea and excellent connections with the city of Barcelona (just 35 minutes from Plaza Cataluña).
We are sure that the lucky new owner will take time thinking about a project like this. An authentic property with style, that’s well connected and overlooks the sea, with defining features that make it better than ordinary and an environment worthwhile of the investment necessary for the reform.
Properties of this style and calibre are complicated to explain in a just a few lines of text. We have much more information, so feel free to ask us any question – absolutely obligation free.

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