Masia in Llavaneres



We present one of those unique pieces that hardly remain in the market. Why do we say this? Because its unbeatable location, its clear identity and its singular essence distinguish it from the rest. And if to all this we add the possibility of completely transforming its interior according to our tastes and whims, preserving all those details that make it so special within its category as an authentic Catalan farmhouse, then we are facing a real privilege.

Lovers of this type of properties will be able to fully enjoy this opportunity. They will be able to restore all those elements that make it unique, reform and transform it into a place of maximum comfort, designed to be lived and dreamed by its new owners.

The property is divided into a main floor with a large entrance, a kitchen and a living room. We access the upper floor through a stone staircase that leads us to its 5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

The plot, of 2667 m2, is completely flat and is adorned by a variety of imposing trees in shape and height. We cannot forget a detail that is particularly important nowadays: the well that supplies water to the whole property. Next to it, we find a small pond from which water gushes continuously, giving life to its inhabitants, the fish.

No matter how many details we can tell about this wonderful estate, the sensations that it transmits when we are inside will always be missing.

Translated with DeepL