Where to Eat in Caldes d’Estrac: the Best Rated Restaurants

As you already know, El Maresme is a region with a well-known gastronomic culture. For this reason, at La Maison de Llavaneres we would like to keep suggesting you a selection of the best restaurants of Caldes d’Estrac. We are more than sure that you will have a bite at one of these more than once! Take good note to know where to eat in Caldes d’Estrac.

The Best Restaurants Where to Eat in Caldes d’Estrac: Can Suñé

This restaurant offers fish and seafood dishes typical of Catalonia, all prepared with fresh products. Among its dishes, the fideuá with cuttlefish, squid, prawns, cockles and clams, grilled cod snout and its chopped carquinyolis are outstanding. And don’t forget to try the local coca bread, if you haven’t already done so!

Caldes d’Estrac and Its Restaurant by the Beach: Sotavent

The Sotavent Restaurant Platja de Caldetes is a seafood restaurant located in the idyllic setting of the Caldetes beach. A restaurant where the protagonist is its high-quality cuisine, in addition to its privileged location a few meters from the sea. Its rice, fish and seafood specialties will not disappoint you, and all its desserts are spectacular. It is open all day, so you can enjoy the sunset while sipping a gin and tonic on the terrace. It’s a truly wonderful place to stay and where to eat in Caldes d’Estrac.

Caldes d’Estrac and Its High-Quality Restaurants: La Tasqueta de Caldes

This bar and restaurant stands out for its fusion cuisine. Among its most popular dishes are its salmon tartare, its unique tapas and generous portions of octopus. And don’t forget to make room for dessert: you can try the most unique and delicious ice creams and the tastiest tiramisus. On the other hand, its diversity in wines is very extensive and varied. And if you need a little caffeine during the day, there is also a selection of the best coffees available. In short, La Tasqueta de Caldes is a very pleasant place to eat in Caldes d’Estrac, with a wide array of varied products.

To Top It Off: Restaurant El Taller

As a last recommendation, we could not forget about Restaurant El Taller, an old carpentry turned into a highly praised restaurant. Its specialty is snails and grilled meat made with wrought-iron lamps. The restaurant is divided into three areas: the bar, spacious and well-equipped to have a drink before tasting the main dishes; the dining room, with a capacity for more than 100 people; and the garden, with a capacity for approximately 40 people and highly recommended for summer evenings. Its star dishes, which will leave no one indifferent, are: its Jordi snails, the grilled kid goat’s back, pesoladas, grilled artichokes, and its cod with samfaina. Everyone’s mouth would be watering!


What do you think of our recommendations? We are sure you won’t be able to resist the urge to try any of the above dishes! And remember, if one day you visit El Maresme and you fall in love with this town, don’t forget that we have a wide variety of brand-new homes for sale! And also remember that we recently told you about the different and varied places where to eat in Sant Vicenç de Montalt!